Jan 31, 2011

Ode to an ugly shelf

Let me start by saying that I love our house.  It was built in 1927 and is full of character and quirks, thick wood moldings and lots of built-in storage.  With all of the good, however, we have our share of... um... challenges.  Very creaky wood floors, drafty old windows, and bathrooms desperately in need of updating.

All of these things will be remedied in good time, but until we can afford to do a total overhaul on those spaces, I am doing my best to fix them up on the cheap.  One example is this quick shelf update that took place in our first floor bathroom.  We have great built in shelves, they just needed a little love...

Specifically, I needed to cover the bottom shelf.  Unlike the other shelves in the cabinet, it is not a removable piece.  So I figured the best thing to do would be to cover it up!
I gathered my leftover shelf paper and some pieces of cardboard left from a car seat box.

I fit the card board to the shelf bottom (1).  
Then I laid out all of the other pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle (2).  
I taped the pieces together using masking tape (3) to make sure that they wouldn't fall apart when I removed them.

Then I flipped the taped cardboard over onto the shelf paper.  This shelf paper is self adhesive, so It was just a matter of trimming it to the right size, with about 1.5" extra length on each side for fold over.  (You  will need to trim the corners slightly to make them fold nice and flat.)

You could probably use any type of durable paper (or even fabric!) to cover your shelf with.  Just be mindful of what you store there and make sure the covering can handle it!

Finally, flip your piece back over, smooth out any wrinkles, place it in the bottom of the shelf unit, and Voila!

Then I re-loaded all of the items that I store there.  It looks much fresher and cleaner, don't you think?

Here is a side-by-side before & after

Aaah.  Much better.

Total cost of project:  $0.00
Total time spent:  15 minutes
Quick, easy, and best of all, Free!

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