Feb 19, 2011

My Way

If I had it my way -- and believe me, I like having it my way -- I would live year-round in a cottage made of stone and beadboard by a lake somewhere where the weather never goes below 50°.  I would garden (successfully), I would shop thrift and antique stores, I would take long hikes through the abounding nature, and I would cook (and eat) unless I wanted to go out to eat.  I would throw casual parties.  I would play with my kids and my husband and our (hypothetical) dog in the vast backyard.  The sheets would always be clean.  The windows would always be open.  And once a week we'd have a spectacular-but-not-too-dangerous hour long thunderstorm, and when the lightning stopped we'd play in the puddles.

If I had it my way, my family and I would travel the country, always making sure that once a year we made it to a snow-covered wonderland for 2 weeks at Christmas.   And sometime around the middle of February, we'd find ourselves on a tropical beach, renewing our winter-weary souls (and our tans).

But there is more to life than leisure time.  School has to be attended, money has to be made, laundry has to be done.  And even though our normal responsibilities get in the way of my "dream life", I have to admit that the little life I do have is not too shabby.  Besides, if I had all that, what would I have to dream about?

So I suppose maybe I already do have it my way.

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