Jan 25, 2011

Airing my Dirty Cabinets

Today's post shows you a little glimpse into the organizing that has been happening in spurts around my house since the new year began.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any before photos of the other spaces I perged, organized, and updated.  So instead, you get a taste of it in the form of my 1st floor bathroom cabinet fix up.

This took only about 20 minutes.

And now when I look at it, I smile (instead of cringe).

And the best part about it is the price tag: $0.00

I went from this:

To this:

by repurposing containers and spending nothing but time!

After cleaning out my kitchen cabinets earlier in the day, I discovered a plethora -- a veritable cornucopia -- of mismatched or lid-less containers.  Just before I tossed them into the donation pile, it occurred to me that they could find a new life right here in my very own bathroom cabinets.

As you can see from the photo, the clear plastic container simply received a label.
The Cool Whip container, on the other hand, needed a little updating before I was satisfied.

So I grabbed a piece of extra scrap booking paper, a pair of scissors, and some tape.
(pay no attention to the random baby first aid accessories on the table - bulb syringe anyone?)

I rolled the container along the paper and traced the edges with a pen.
Then cut along the traced lines.

Finally, I taped the paper to the outside of the container (I didn't have any double sided tape on hand, so I simply did the little single-sided-tape-loop trick to make it stick), added a label, and VOILA!

Lucky for me, my kitchen yielded quite a few extra containers of all sizes.  
No messy cabinet stands a chance.

Happy Organizing!

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