Jan 14, 2011

This Weeks Obsessions

One of my favorite things to do during my "downtime" (aka, naptime for the kiddo) is surf my favorite home decor shops online and fawn over all of the beautiful things that I.wish.I.wish.I.wish I had for my own house!  So I thought it might be fun to share some of my faves from this week.  

Here are a few things I have been drooling over lately:

Dash & Albert Rugs - I would put one of these beauties in every room of my house if I could!

(Photo Cred:

I LOVE color, and it is often hard to find area rugs that use the bright and cheerful colors that are so dear to my whimsical little heart.  Enter Dash & Albert.  Their rugs are beautiful - everything from sweet stripes, to funky botanicals, to playful plaids - they've got it all!  And their rugs don't appeal only to the bright-color-lovers like me... they've got beautiful neutrals and muted tones as well.

Not to mention, the prices are quite reasonable for well made area rugs.

And they make pillows and blankets too!  Check them out here to add one of their great pieces to your decor!

The Chas Armchair from Pier1 Imports - I mean, seriously.  I'm pretty sure this chair is furniture's version of a hug.  I can just imagine curling up right here with my nap blanket and falling asleep immediately reading a good book.

(Photo Cred:

Imagine two of these babies and a nice cushy ottoman cozied up to a warm fire... Sounds like heaven to me. (Just add cocoa!)


Candle Sconces - like these from Pottery Barn or this from Z Gallerie (if you're feeling more inspired by nature).  Grouped together or place individually flanking a mirror or piece of art, the warm glow from a candle sets the tone for any room in the house.  

(Photo Cred:

(Photo Cred:

I am already picturing the Z Gallerie version  in my dining room (but that's for another post, another time)...


Decorative Knobs - the right knob, accompanied by a little paint, can transform the most drab dresser into a showpiece.  Here are a few that I am currently digging...

(Photo Cred: 1 and 4 -, 2 and 3 -

And for the more budget conscious, there's always trusty ol' Target:

Find these knobs here, here, and here.  And then redo all of your dressers with them :).


And last but not least - I am obsessed right now with getting organized!  (I know, kinda boring to most people, but not to me!)  I have actually put many of my "make it prettier" projects on hold for more of my "make it more functional" endeavors.  But who says you can't pretty things up and organize them at the same time??  Here are a few things that will help accomplish just that!

(Photo Cred: and

The links for these actual pieces are below, but I often find boxes and bins that are just as cute at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and believe it or not, even Goodwill.  (Oh man, I love me some Goodwill hunting! --get it?  GoodWill Hunting??  heehee!)

Find these items here, here, here, and here.  And then whip your house into shape!

Of course there are so many treasures out there, I could make this post last for days, but I'll be back to cover more of my favorites with another list next week!  In the meantime, happy window shopping!!


Disclaimer:  I have not been paid by any of the companies listed in this post, nor have I been given any free swag.  
I just love these products and want my readers to have a chance to love them too!

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